Nationalwide purchase

From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu,
Okinawa in the south…

The significance of obtaining a muscle car

The American muscle car models are gradually disappearing from the market. Our company tries to help our customers to obtain and maintain excellent cars from their previous owners. With our deep love for muscle & vintage cars, and our desire for connecting buyers and sellers, we will come to buy your car no matter where you are, from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu, Okinawa in south of Japan. First of all, please contact us!

We do not promise you that we will buy your cars at the higher prices than anyone else, or we will sell them at the cheaper price than anyone else. Because our desire is to obtain and maintain the cars in their best state to hand down to the next owner, so we will buy and sell at their right prices. That is our motto. Always say no to deception.

Therefore, we will not promise to buy your cars at the higher price than their actual value, and also not make the car become cheaper to be sold. Our business strategy is to make our customers who already sold their cars to us will buy other cars from us –Pomona company.

Our motto in purchase is for the trust of our customers

We have always willingly spent time and effort to make our customers count on us to sell their cars to us and buy cars from us.

We will purchase cars all over Japan.

If you are those who want to give your cars to someone who really treasures it, and expect other people to give correct assessment of the cars you have carefully taken care of, you should sell your cars to our company.

First of all, please contact us. Then, we will discuss in details. If you are satisfied, we will come to obtain your cars anywhere in Japan.