Want to find a muscle car?

We can definitely find an American car for you,
no matter what car model it is!!

We can definitely find an American car for you, no matter what car model it is!!

Why is the car you want not available at the store?

American car stores are the same size everywhere. Particularly, there are only few car stores specializing in muscle cars with vintage style and their types are not many. Especially recently, when the internet has become popular, people only make a decision based on information about car type, price and advertisements.

Therefore, there will be some stores which do not carry out proper maintenance, only repaint the engines and car body to deceive customers, and lower prices to the level which seems to be cheap for sale. However, when customers want a car with proper maintenance and restoration to a certain extent, they are charged more with high fees. So, is the original offer price a reasonable price? We make it different; we have always remained faithful to our customers to meet their demands. No hiding. No cheating. That is the reason why we can survive in this field for nearly 20 years while we have only specialized in muscle cars.

If you want to own a real car fully satisfying your expectations, American market is the best place for your search.

We always keep considering whether this is really the right car our customers want or not. When we talk to customers who have come to see cars available in our store, they often say that: “This is the car I really want to own!”

Please contact us!

Give us time; we will directly import the right car just for you from the US.

Because we go to the US for purchase periordically, so we can find the car that you desire to own. Up until now, even many rare cars which are very hard to find, but we have travelled to every corner of the US and could find them all. We dare to pledge with you on that.

There are no cars we cannot find for you.
We will introduce websites containing imformation on muscle car and vintage car for our customers to search.

We directly go to the US for purchase periordically. We have had information on private trade events held by the group of vintage car collectors known as swap meet in each region, and the information on aunctions on the internet, in magazines, newspapers, and among people in this field. With our ingenious negotiation techniques and skills, we will find out the car you desire for.