Auction support

All individuals can buy and sell cars at auctions (mycar, etc.) and also can buy normal cars.

Consignment sale and purchase at auctions

Our auction support system is the optimal one; we will participate in car auctions which individuals cannot attend in order to help you to sell your beloved cars at high prices, or buy cars at very cheap prices. First of all, please contact us!

Support costs

We bid on behalf of the company. Customers do not have to pay detention charge after the car is shipped; they only have to confirm their purchase of the car.

Car purchase will include the tender price of the car + consumption tax + income tax (Note 1) + car tax (other taxes) + registration fee.

After a customer places an order, our company will start obtaining the car, so we can cut detention charge and we only buy the car certainly be sold.

Hence, we can provide consultancy services at a fee of 50,000 yen only. In addition, car maintenance, repair, and refurbishment, etc. are individual requirements, so we only do the service for some necessary parts at first.